Children and Young People

Activity Zone

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Children and Young People

Our worship of God seeks to be welcoming and informal and accessible to all ages. Kids and Youth Church activities take place during part of the main 10.00 am service. Here children and young people can explore the Bible and discover what Christians believe through stories, crafts, games, song and prayer.

Once a month we have a special all age service, which is an informal time with interacting teaching and prayer times.

St Andrew's Community Church is physically joined to the  St Andrew's Primary School building (CofE/ Methodist Voluntary Aided). We love working together and enjoy supporting each other.

Some of the Outreach Events include:

SCAMPS: sing, clap and praise services for pre-school children, their paretns and carers on Tuesday at 2.15pm

Discovery Club; a weekly Christian after-school club for priamary aged children. Christian crafts, stories and games on Wednesdays straight from school until 4.30pm.

Children's Summer Holiday Club and Easter Activity Day are times we explore stories and teaching from the Bible with 4-11 year olds

Christian Camps

Each year through our partnership work with Valley Cids ( a local Christian Charity) children and young people are invited tom attend a disci[pleship camp at teh peakj Centre Edale and for the older children teh Soul Survivor Chrsitian Festival.

Cafe Zone

A place in the school holidays for children and their families to meet and chat over coffee and join ibn with Christian crafts / challenges

Church School Liaison Facilitator

In September 2018 this special 'mission orientated' paid role was set up (reaching out to children and families who have little or no connection with church). It is a role that is separate to the above children's work. This role has risen out of a desire to build on the good and open realtionship St Andrew's Church already has with St Andrew's school.  For  more information contact Elaine Hollings at

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