Nepal February 2017 Update


Preparations for the next trip to Nepal are going well and with just a few weeks left everyone is getting excited. With 70 on the trip this is the biggest group we have taken and Arjun at the Peace Garden School is already getting ready for us. Here is a small part of the e mail he has recently sent.


Dear Keith,

I am very looking forward to the arrival of you and your lovely group on 29 March to PEACE Garden school, Nepal.

We are currently doing our best to ensure that the conditions of the school are to be the best standard that they can possibly be despite the simple nature of the school. This is in order to make your visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible like the previous ones.

PEACE Garden School has been making education of all the students it's main priority and we have seen great progress and results. We aim to act as a role model school for imparting modern practical education and achieving the huge potential that each student is.capable of reaching.

We have only been able to put this ethos into practice because of the support from the UK. The support we have been received has gone along way as even a single penny can affect great change here at PEACE Garden School.

The improvement of the classrooms since the earthquake in the main school has been huge and have lessened disturbances for the students greatly, therefore our main focus now is to improve the conditions of the toilets and our temporary structures backside.

It is sad to share we also have a number of young children suffering from skin problems which as of now we are not able to help, it hampers their regular study and juvenile faces as well. But with appropriate medical attention we may be able to help this growing problem. We have been serving and educating the children of leprosy people with free of cost.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you all back to our school.

Best wishes.


PEACE Garden school family


We will see what we can do to help with the children that have the skin condition. We might have to get them taken to a local medical centre to get them checked out.

The two other schools are also looking forward to our visit and we will be talking to Manoj (Noble School) in particular about how we can help his school get back on its feet.

Thanks for your interest and support.

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