Nepal September 2017 Update

Nepal Update Sept 2017


Since I last wrote to you it has been the monsoons in Nepal. You ,may well have seen on the news that the monsoons this year have been quite extraordinary. The USA have had a dreadful time with their tropical storm and so has Nepal – partuculary the southern parts such as Chitwan. Ashok sent me this e mail and photographs a coupke of weeks ago


Dear Keith,

You may know that now Nepal hit by another deadly natural disaster. Within these 3 days almost half of the land of Nepal has been flooded and shanking into the floods. Likewise, many places upon the mountain and hilly regains suffering by huge floods and landslides. Road access has been disconnected in many places because of the landslides and broken off the bridges of the rivers. Report is coming and it says up to now more than 60 people died. Thousands of villages, community and families displaced from their places with empty hands. Thousands of families are in the flood trapped looking forward prompt rescue to them. In most of those areas telephone and electricity lines disconnected. People have lost everything in life. Now they are in desperate need for the emergency supplies - drinking water, food, clothes, medicines and shelter. Last night I was watching report and all victims were telling that they are there from past 48 hours even without food and drinking water. They are looking forward emergency relief support but they received nothing yet. Constantly I am also being in touch to them through our local Churches and came to know that what the report I watched by news media was 100% true.

On behalf of victims I would like to send you this appeal to pray for them and if possible extend your generosity for the emergency relief support. They are in tears by every means by losing family members, house and properties, business and crops. They are now in extreme need for the drinking water, food, clothes, medicines, shelters.



He attached some photographs which were horrific. I have attched three of the photos – some of the others were too graphic to send on to you all and showed photographs of drowned people being carried to higher ground. The picture of the road is the main road from Kathmandu to Chitwan and it has been carried away completely in a landslide. We have sent over £5000 to Ashok for the emergency relief.



The Peace Garden School has also had its problems this summer.. I received this e mail from Mike which he sent soon after he arrived in Kathmandu after spending some time in the UK.


The PGS…. I have been here for a few hours and had Arjun onto me….

As you may know they have had council elections here, the first for 25 years…and the new council has sprung into action in the Bungamati district…..

The council are widening the road past the PGS…and guess what…they are knocking down the toilets and the office to the left of the toilets etc . there is no compensation here they are just going to do it….no such thing as compulsory purchase here……

It means that the toilets and the wash stand thingy are all coming down and the school is going to be left without toilets…… Arjun is of course in a panic as he has to try and build new toilets… he doesn’t have any money of course…

What do you think? Do you think the school can help…We would have to build a new septic tank and probably a two story toilet block at the end of the playground on the grassy bit and loose the swings etc.

The cost will be we think about 15 to 20 Lakhs rupees… between £12 and £16 K

What do you think? Do you or the school I should say want to help with this? It’s a big project but and a bit of an emergency as the council have given Arjun two months and then they are going to just knock it all down…you have seen how they do that when you have been at the international club… no mercy!!!!!

How a think and get back to me when you can. Now that you are retired this sort of thing is going to be more difficult for you I suspect.

Have a good Holliday and catch you later


Well, to be brief, we have of course decided to help and have sent £12,000 to get the toilets built before they knock down the old ones. This means that the school can continue running and to be honest the toilets definitely needed to be upgraded. We have decided to build a new larger septic tank and to provide separate toilets for the boys and girls. This will benefit the girls particularly the older ones. Work has started and Mike has sent me these pictures recently. The work has been carried out in very difficult conditions thanks to the monsoon rains but is going well.

So, as you can see we will never finish our work over there and we are very grateful for all the donations we receive. Thanks you all for your continued support.


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