The Noble School

The Noble School


Noble School after the storm damage.

This was threatened with closure back in September. This was due to some political pressure being applied from wealthy Nepalese in the area of the school. They had basically ordered the Head Master Manoj to ‘sell up’ the school and leave with his teachers. (It is too complicated to explain how this can happen and I am not sure I fully understand it anyway!). However, I recently received this e mail from Mike Lock


Hi Keith

Here is an update on the Noble school.

We have had Manoj in for a long chat about the future of the Noble school and what we can do to help.

The pressure is now off him to sell the school as it is so that is good news. The people putting him under pressure have now relented and are leaving him alone.

His main problem now is that the teachers are requesting a salary increase which he can’t afford.. He needs good teachers and needs to pay the same sort of rate as Arjun at PGS.

So he has asked me if we can help him out… Instead of paying for building renovations etc he would like to ask for assistance with the salaries so that he can concentrate on education. Lots of the families that send their children to his school can’t afford the fees (even though they are cheap by our standards) and don’t pay, some haven’t been able to pay for over a year. The earthquake has not helped family finances of these people of course.

So, the bottom line is that he is going to try and run the school, but if it is possible instead of doing “Physical and material” help he may need help to pay the teachers.

The increase that he needs to pay for all the teachers is about NCR35000 per month and at today’s rate that about £300. So let’s say about £3500 for the year.

What do you think? He is keen to keep going but with his student numbers down after the earthquake the cost of living going up, the teachers (quite rightly) need an increase to cover their living costs and the local inflation plus the parents who can’t pay make things difficult for him.

He can now carry on for 2 years but will need some help.

Over to you have a think and let me know what you consider.

Catch you later


We are planning to help him although I am keen that we do not get into a position where we are ‘tied’ in to something that would be difficult to get out of. We feel it is important to help only by ensuring that the schools we support can be self-sustaining should our funding not be available in the future.

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