The Orphans and the work of Milan

The Orphans and the work of Milan


Aanandit Church; 'Planning for Christmas celebration with children from our local area.Our Friday Fun Club Christmas celebration will be on 23rd. Very much looking forward to bless more children this year in the midst of many challenge.'


We regularly support the work of Milan and his wife Shusma. They do a tremendous amount of hard work as you will see from their Christmas email below but they also oversee the care of 9 orphaned girls that we support by paying from their food, accommodation and education.

A few weeks ago I received this e mail from Milan

Dear Keith and Gillian,

Hello from Nepal.

We can’t believe that Christmas is just 6 weeks away and New year 2017 is waiting to Welcome us. If we look back since last year what God has done among us, we have so much to thank Him for His faithfulness and His blessings. We are very much grateful with God’s people like you who have been with us and interceding for us.

FAMILY: Myself, Shusma, Amishu (12), Nesia (soon to be 5) and Prajwalita just became one, all are doing well. Many thanks for your prayers for us. We really enjoyed having some friends from abroad this year who have been great encourager to us. We also could spend some holiday time in Pokhara recently.

CHURCH AND MISSION: We just had a series of visiting and programs at the churches inside and outsideKathmandu; in Udaypur (Eastern Region) we had a 2 days conference in October, Recently in Hetuda (Central Region). In last 4 weeks there has been non-stop visit and programs. I was leading a team with the group of believers from UK. We had a program in several churches. We have visited and helped the Old aged home, children homes, Bible College, Pastors and leaders, believer’s houses and shops prayed for them. We also visited some villages. God has been so faithful that we had a safe journey. We are so encouraged to see God’s move in everyplace we visited. Thank you Jesus!!

We had some spiritual program at Aanandit church during the Hindu festival time, special Children Program was held in those days. Shusma lead the Youth Bible Camp where 44 of our youth from the church gone for two days conference in Nagarkot. I also did speak one session and challenge the youth to be the worker for the Kingdom in the future. This was a Deewali festival time so we wanted to keep our youth engaged with the Lord.

Also, we both travelled on 8th. Nov. to Eastern Nepal with other few friends and Prajwalita, to speak at the 3 days youth conference and we were so excited to see over 250 youth at the conference. Me and Shusma also our friends did minister them with Words and prayers. We are receiving more requests to speak in the future. God has opened the doors for us to minister, Pastors/Leaders, Women and Youth in Nepal that what we felt we are called to for Nepali Churches.

We have started to rebuild the Kapan church which was badly needed since the earthquake. In Balkot we are in the process to hire land and to build the simple hall. The main Church building is still waiting for the retrofit.

AANANDIT CHARITY CENTER: Despite the difficulties and hardship for the Christians in these days, the Charity could get the renewal for this year from the Govt. of Nepal. 20 houses are being built in the Dolakha Dist. We hope to finish before the winter hit, which is quite near and we like to request you to pray for the same. At present ACC is looking for funds to complete those buildings. All other programs of the Charity are running well. If you would like to know more please feel free to ask.


1.) The year 2016 has not been good for some Christians in Nepal. The court case for 8 Christians who were arrested in the accusation of converting others to Christian religion, in Dolakha, has ended after 6 months on Dec 6th. But Praise God Christian won the case and we are so grateful with all our friends who interceded for them.

2.) Please pray for the Nepali Authorities that they would be soften towards Churches, Christian Children Home and Christian lead NGOs.

3.) We need to change our strategies to serve God here, as we need to be careful with authorities and with other group who are against the Christians. Please pray that God would grant us His wisdom. We are also praying and thinking to start one company of Travel and Tours to continue the spiritual work in Nepal. Whereas we continue Social and Charitable work through ACC.

4.) From 2017, we are going to start a Short term Theological and Bible Training, for this we need good co-ordinator, place to start and the funds so that we could raise more leaders/workers for the Kingdom.

5.) Please pray for Christian Youth they may be driven by the Spirit than flesh. We find very hard to find youth who would say I will work for the Lord, rather they would go aboard to work. We need a Youth worker/Leader to work from January.

Thank you so much for your prayers and being with us. We love you and leave you here. Please feel free to contact us as we always love to hear from you.

“For God alone my soul waits in silence; from Him comes my salvation. He only is my rock and my salvation my fortress; I shall not be greatly moved. ” Psalms 62:1

God bless,


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