The Peace Garden School

The Peace Garden School

The Peace Garden School is recovering very well from the earthquake. The families are returning to the villages of Khokana and Bungamati and the numbers in the school are again high. As the brick building has been relatively undamaged and has been declared safe to work in, Arjun now has more classrooms than ever before because of the extra semi-permanent classrooms we had built immediately after the earthquakes. There are 15 classrooms and a total of 362 students in the school. We are presently having classroom furniture made for one or two of the classrooms, particularly the Maggie Cotton room (thanks Maggie for your contribution towards this). The examination results of the children have been of an extremely high standard considering this school is in such a poor part of Nepal and where many homes were destroyed by the earthquakes. These results are testament to the hard work of Arjun and his teachers. I have received this email recently from Arjun

Dear Keith Brook



How are you and your lovely family? Here, we are doing hard toil for good education. The school is in this stage after crossing and passing numerous turning points with your strong support. It's a tremendous matter of pleasure to bring in your kind information that very recently TWO students got 100 percent scholarship in the USA University in IT course. In spite of getting such a marvellous achievement I am worried that some students are changing the school demanding new modern facilities which we aren't able to provide. They all know Peace Garden School is the best for good education but not modern facilities. We are very excited to hearing for new desks and benches for Maggie Cotton's classroom but still ..... I have talked with Mike also and furniture centre as well.

I am struggling with strong dedication, determination, vision and mission.

Thanks a lot

With warm love and regards



It really is an extraordinary achievement for the school to have former pupils obtaining scholarships to the USA particularly when you see the background from which the children come.

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