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Tibetan Centre

The Tibetan centre where the Tibetan refugees make their carpets (their only source of income) was very badly damaged by the earthquake and was eventually completely demolished. We were keen to see if we could rescue the building and had paid for an engineering survey of the building to be carried out. However, without waiting for the survey outcome they decided to demolish the building. I received this e mail from Mike at the beginning of December.

Hi Keith

I have just had a meeting with the Tibetan handicraft management.

They are still embarrassed about the engineering thing. But matters are never what they seem of course. There were lots of apologies.

They are now well in to the planning stage of the new building and when you come over they may or may not have started on the new building. What they are now planning is a 2 and a ½ storey building that they hope to start building in a couple of months. The ground floor will be the weaving area, the second the showroom and the ½ at the top is to be the offices.

By the time you come next Easter we should have the diagrams and plans of the new building so that you can see what’s happening.

It is all going to plan it seems but in a traditional Asian way !!!!!!

They have raised a lot of money including the £17000 you have donated, but still have about £50,000 to raise. They have done well in raising funds and any help that you can give would be great. At least they are doing something.

When you come over you will see that the Nepalese government has not done very much to help people in Bungamati or in Kokhana

When I was down in Kokhana the other day I saw one of the teachers from PGS starting to re build his home that had collapsed in the earthquake. He was digging out the ground himself by hand… What a resilient bunch they are

I hope this is helpful Keith

Catch you later


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