We are a group of ordinary people who aim to be open to God. We want to be real rather than phoney and welcoming not cliquey. We trust God’s word, the Bible and try hard to link our faith with the real world. We love communicating how fantastic we think Jesus is to those in our community.


The people who attend our Community Church are made up of different age groups, so our services reflect a mix of old and new styles of music and worship patterns. One of our aims is to develop authentic ways for people of all ages to be able to connect with God.


We are part of the Dronfield and Holmesfield Team (5 churches: St Andrew’s Community Church, Dronfield Woodhouse LEP (Anglican/Methodist/URC); St John the Baptist Church Dronfield (Anglican); St Swithins Church, Holmesfield (Anglican); St Phillips Church (Dronfield) and St Mary’s LEP (Methodist/Anglican) Unstone)


Our church is outward looking and has had strong links with other churches from the beginning. In addition to our work within the Parish, we are an Ecumenical Partnership within the Anglican, Methodist and United Reformed Churches. We also support and share in the activities of other Christians in our town through Churches Together in Dronfield and District.


You will find a friendly welcome at any services or events.



Ruth's Biog


Hi, my name is Ruth and I have been the Team Vicar of St Andrew’s Community Church in Dronfield Woodhouse for 3 years (February 2016).


Born in London, I trained to be a classical musician after school, followed by a teaching qualification but then decided to take a year off which stretched to more as I travelled and worked in Australia for a couple of years. After being employed in a London school, I gained invaluable experience with Youth With a Mission in Canada on a music and worship course and became Music Director of a large Anglican charismatic Church in Oxford. During this time several people told me that I needed to get ordained but the interview panel didn’t agree. It was such a traumatic experience I swore I’d never do that again!


I then moved to Derby to continue being worship leader. I had no intension of revisiting the call to ordination but God had other ideas and made them unavoidably clear.


I trained in Cambridge and came back to Derbyshire for a curacy (training post) and then accepted being leader of this Church – just an 8-mile relocation!


It’s daunting and busy but I love growing in faith with these wonderful, faithful followers of Jesus Christ. We seek to be a blessing to this community. Do come and say hello. Do ask any questions you have about God, faith, do ask for prayer or just come along for a nosey! You are always welcome to come as you are.

Dave's Biog


Hi there, my name is Dave Walker and I am the new curate here at St Andrew’s Community Church.


Born in October 1969 and raised in Sheffield, I was baptised at Christ Church Hackenthorpe, Sheffield in February 1970. That was my very first experience of Christianity and, although I don’t remember it, apparently I was very well behaved!


Growing up I wasn’t what you’d call a conscientious academic student but after I left Frecheville Comprehensive in 1986, I went to college in Stannington to study electrical and electronic engineering. Unfortunately, it was also a secretarial college and I spent the first year not taking part in the lessons I should have been attending preferring to sneak into secretarial classes (for obvious reasons!). The only skill I learnt that year was how to write “I Love You” in shorthand!


In my second year, I applied myself much more and I also met my wife-to-be, Andrea, after she started on the secretarial course. I did eventually complete my course in engineering and came away with the qualifications I needed to get a job within the UK water industry.


Andrea and I married in 1993, we had our first child, Christopher, and we bought a house. Shortly after Christopher was born, when I was working on a project in Valencia Spain, I had the second religious experience of my life. I’d had a call from a colleague saying it was likely that I was about to lose my job. I was distraught as I now had a family to support and a mortgage to pay! I stepped into the cathedral in Valencia and prayed for the first time ever: “God, I can’t lose my job, please help me.”


This is when I discovered God has a plan and a wicked sense of humour as I indeed lost my job, but it was the trigger I needed to set up my own environmental consultancy business. It was a huge success and I sold the business in 1999 and then I went on to build another company in 2002. In between, Andrea and I had two more beautiful sons, William and Thomas, and I, along with two work colleagues from 1994, formed my latest company venture Detectronic Ltd in 2007 where I still find myself today working as the commercial director.


After deciding one day to attend my auntie’s church (St Polycarps Stannington), I later stumbled upon workplace chaplaincy which spurred me on to enquire about Jesus and what Christianity was all about. Then following a visit to a Christian bookshop in Broomhill and having someone pray for me, things really started to happen that led me to embark on my hugely rewarding journey to gaining a BA (Hons) in Theology and becoming ordained deacon at Derby Cathedral in June 2016.


I am really looking forward to continuing on the journey that God has set before me and sharing this experience with the people of Dronfield and Holmesfield.


Just before my ordination I was asked the question: - What would you say to anyone else considering taking this step? My reply is simple: “Be brave and let God do the rest!”


Revd. Dave Walker


Words I have chosen for reflection:-




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