On Friday 19 January 7.30pm in Church.

Come and help raise much needed funds for our Nepalese Friends, orphans and Schools.

Enjoy a lovely evening of music, song and fun.

Starring our ever popular Glyn Madden, Ian Price & friends.

Tickets £10. each ( under 11’s free) including wine, nibbles & light refreshments. These are available from Maggie (Cotton) tel. 415423 and Keith (Brook) tel. 0114 2891366.



Linda, Pete and the family send their good wishes for 2018.



The lovely card created by the Sunday School Children and to which you signed and made a donation raised £109.70 for our Church’s Mission fund


A REMINDER that many of the church rotas are finding it difficult to run the Sunday services. The sound system one is struggling along with the media (words on the screen) and Key holder and other steward rotas are very short of volunteers. Please prayerfully consider whether, at the start of a New Year, you could volunteer to help the smooth running of our services.



Would you like to actually participate in the Alpha course? - it is a great way to think through what we believe as Christians.  

For those who don’t believe in Jesus it’s a fantastic safe place to ask the impossible questions!!


Peter Bold asks if you can help at a day time Alpha to be held at The Dronfield Baptist Church Alpha which starts 7th February 1.00-2.45pm.

Either eat before you come or bring sandwiches. Cake and drinks



We need, small group leaders / helpers, Welcomers. Help with refreshments(teas and coffees & cake)

Help with IT. Help with admin.

Possibly people to help with a creche.

Definitely people to pray.

Definitely people to invite friends and neighbours, and ideally come with them.



Saturday 17th March

Where: in Sheffield (actual venue tbc)


Speakers: John and Ann Coles



The Community Partnership (Healthier futures for women and girls in Ethiopia) that we pledged £5,000 to this year was closed at £4,412 as we were unable to raise the amount we had hoped for in the time available. Undaunted, next year we are going to attempt to raise £5,000 for a new project based in Ghana, West Africa. Here Christian Aid is helping local partners to promote job creation and thus stem the flow of young talent moving abroad! Watch out for the Lent project next February.

Dronfield & District Christian Aid Committee


This envelope will not be collected, as we are now unable to recruit volunteers for the task. Would you please consider donating by one of the following methods:


1. Put cash in the envelope and take it to your local central collecting point – St. Andrew’s School, Pentland Road, or


2. Donate by any of the four methods detailed on the envelope flap, including an on-line option via the Christian Aid website and a freepost option.


Many thanks, Barry Jex




I can now tell you we have spent all of your very generous gift on items which make up 'starter packs'. The packs are given to people who are starting out in new tenancies but have very few, if any, possessions. The pack is contained in a laundry basket, includes everything from cutlery to bedding and costs around £60. It is hard to explain the delight we see on people's faces on receiving a starter pack and not for us to know what effect them being told God loves them might have in their lives but we thank you again for having such a generous heart for the marginalised in our city.

Many blessings

Pastoral Worker Kath Stringer

Newsletter items to Eileen by Wednesday 24 January

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