We are a group of ordinary people who aim to be open to God. We trust God’s word, the Bible and try hard to link our faith with the real world. We love communicating how fantastic we think Jesus is to those in our community.


The people who attend our Community Church are made up of different age groups, so our services reflect a mix of old and new styles of music and worship patterns. One of our aims is to develop authentic ways for people of all ages to be able to connect with God.


We are part of the Dronfield and Holmesfield Team (5 churches: St Andrew’s Community Church, Dronfield Woodhouse LEP (Anglican/Methodist/URC); St John the Baptist Church Dronfield (Anglican); St Swithins Church, Holmesfield (Anglican); St Phillips Church (Dronfield) and St Mary’s LEP (Methodist/Anglican) Unstone)


Our church is outward looking and has had strong links with other churches from the beginning. In addition to our work within the Parish, we are an Ecumenical Partnership within the Anglican, Methodist and United Reformed Churches. We also support and share in the activities of other Christians in our town through Churches Together in Dronfield and District.

“What, you (YOU!) are a Christian and a vicar!! Pull the other one!”



People I meet are often surprised when I tell them I am a Christian. Even more so when I tell them I’m a vicar. The most surprised are the people I grew up with, those I went to school with or worked alongside in my earlier days. I’m often surprised too!


God has a habit of seeking the lost sheep. The one who has gone astray, those who try to get through life on their own and in their own strength. We see a lot of this in the Bible. Jesus in particular seems to spend lots of time in the company of rogues and outcasts.


To cut a long story about me short, God was always with me even when I didn’t realise it. When I ignored Him. When I turned to other things to give me a whole life. Yet, he was there in the voices of others who shared their stories with me. My Grandad, a family friend of my mum, my geology teacher, the man on the street in Barnsley holding a sign which said ‘The lord is with you’. Prophetic voices are all around. Even when shunned and ignored God never gives up on us. He uses those he has chosen and who have responded ‘yes’ to further search for the lost sheep or the black sheep who feels too far away from God to ever be welcomed by him again.


I love to share stories of life and faith, I love to offer a dimension into life’s situations which are hard to grasp like forgiveness, healing, comfort, hope and transformation (Hard to grasp but nevertheless real) when we turn to God and follow Jesus.


I wouldn’t trade my life now for the one I had before I found faith. No one is a lost cause, For God loved the world (that’s you and me) so much, he gave his only Son (Jesus) so that anyone, and I mean anyone!, who believes in Him will not end this life without hope and during this life witness a transformation within which overflows to others.


I reckon I’ll be praying that you too may realise that you are loved, healed and saved by Jesus. If He can give me that reassurance then no one is a lost cause.


Rev Paul

The Diocesan Safeguarding Team is at Derby Church House, Full Street, Derby, DE1 3DR.

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