Nepal December 2018 Update

Dear all,

I do hope you have a had a good Christmas.

Global warming has meant that we are getting milder winters but it would appear that is not the case in Nepal. They are having a very severe winter with temperatures well below normal even in Kathmandu (I have just checked as I write and the temperature in Kathmandu is well below the temperatures we have here presently, and the majority of the population do not have any form of heating). Ashok recently sent me an e mail on the 19th December. This is part of the e mail …….

It is midst of the winter in Nepal and very cold. Mountain and hills are covering with snows. I have received so many appeals from many remote and poor villages of Nepal to provide them relief for their survival. My fellow Pastors, Leaders and believers from those remote regions told me that in their places everywhere there is snow. Children, maternity mothers, old people and all are suffering with freezing cold. They are too poor and have no money to buy warm cloths and blankets. They are in extreme needs for caps, socks, cloths and blankets. Very sad is that my fellow pastors also informed me that because of not having those things with them now the children, maternity mother and old people started suffering very badly by cold causes disease like scoffing, fever and pneumonia etc. So, they have made heartiest appeal to me to offer them emergency relief support as early as possible and save their lives. Ashok

We have sent some funds over to Ashok and await to hear how things are improving. (It looks as though the temperature in Kathmandu is due to rise by the middle of next week so hopefully the worst is over.)

I have received some lovely Christmas cards from the orphans we support over there. One of the girls (Rojita) has been quite poorly and seems to be suffering from a mental condition but we are sure that she is getting good help. She has been to hospital and Shusma sent me this recently;

We went to see Rojita last Friday and follow up her progress. She was having fearful attacks four time a day before but now it has been four days she had none. But she did mention she couldn't sleep the night before we went to see her. According to the carer in that medication place she is recovering but slowly. We prayed with her and she was so happy to see us. She loved the gift we took for her. She loves dancing and colouring. We will go there with Christmas gift and few things she has asked for later this week. I have attached her photo herewith (Rojita is on the left). Please continue keep her in your prayers.


All the other girls are well and doing fine at school.

Thanks again for your interest and support. I will update you more on the winter conditions in Nepal and Rojita’s health when I have heard more.

I wish you a very Blessed New year