Nepal July 2018 Update

Nepal Update July 2018

Dear all,

I have had some good news from Nepal….. This time of year all the schools get their School Leaving Certificate (SLC) results and we have had some good news about how well they are doing.

Peace Garden School

Arjun, the Head Master, has sent me several messages…

Namaste Keith,

I hereby happily share a good new;, today Nepal govt has published the result of National Board Exam, where got very very outstanding result.

PEACE Garden school got 6 A+

       7. A

       9. B+

       4  B

        1 C +

One student is able secure 97.5% . So we are very happy.


More recently he sent this message about his school leavers and former pupils

And this year our school graduates (former pupils from years back who are in Nepal) want to organize a wonderful farewell program. Now they are Medical doctors, Pilots, Engineers, CAs, Lawyers , Teachers and so on. Truly they are the blue ribbons in their own society.   We, PEACE Garden School, feel honor.  We have not decided when this will be yet.

A big credit goes to you, Keith specially, by heart.

It would also appear that Arjun and some of his best pupils have been invited to an award program…

PABSON, a big educational institution is going to conduct A special Award program for school, students and their parents for splendid result holders on coming Saturday where PRIME MINISTER, Chief Guest.

Another former pupil of the school is doing very well in his college studies but has run into difficulties with funding; it would appear that Arjun has decided to help…..

One other important news , i need to share you, PEACE Garden School is sponsoring Prem Bahadur Thapa, who got highest score 3.90 , for this higher education in college as his family can 't afford college fees because his father has been hospitalized for nearly a whole year as his father fell from high cliff in the mountain his homeland.


Noble Education School

We also teach in this school each year and received this message from the Head Master..

Hello Keith

How are you? Here everything is going ok. We have just got our board exam result. Among 6 students,

2 students have got grade A and

4 students have got grade B+.

We are trying our best to get good grade than now.

Lots of remember.


(Noble School)


These are really good results for this very poor school: a total of 6 students sat the SLC examinations.

Fundraising and the Cycle Event

We are continuing to raise money for the various projects we support. For example, Arjun needs new carpets in the classrooms for the younger children (They sit on the floor and work at small desks so carpets are important). The monsoons have already started earlier than usual so there will no doubt be other expenses to come. (Last year the monsoon rains were particularly devastating in some parts of Nepal.)

Thank you to everyone who helped with the cycle event in May. We now have a total of nearly £2300.00 raised from this event which is a fantastic result. (Thanks particularly to the patients of Broomhill and Lodgemoor G.P. surgeries who raised £566.00. by sponsoring their GP Kay Howard and her son Jacob.)


Preparations form the Nepa19 trip are now starting. Let me know if you are interested in joining us and I will send you details of information evenings, costs, dates of training and fundraising events etc.

Many thanks for your continued support