Incredible morning at church today. The first day of advent, Daisy & I were asked if we would light the first candle in the service and if that wasn't enough we both became official members of the church. As always Ruth put me on the spot to say a few words which unexpectedly ended with a few tears. I can't thank Phil enough for supporting me from day one and Hayley for welcoming me so much to the church about 8 months ago. In February my life was changed forever and I can honestly say now, even though it is still very hard & was a horrible 6 months & still ongoing, thankfully I've having had my dad David, Rob & Sophie to help keep me strong, it was clearly by far the best thing for us as a family! I'm loving being a full time mum, my relationship with Daisy is incredible, the love & support we get from people at church is so genuine, I've made some unbelievable friendships through Daisy's school and the church, I love helping as a volunteer at the local children's charity shop, the preschool, Daisy's school, helping people with their children and the list of things I get to help with at church is unending from washing table cloths, doing the words at praise night, making hot drinks at coffee morning, singing at the toddler group, serving food for the older generation or helping in Sunday school are just a few. For the first time in years I can say my faith is stronger than ever and with my head held high I AM HAPPY. My life is changing so much for the better as the months pass. I would never have had the confidence to brave giving my heart away yet with the new support in my life I've found an amazing man Keith and his son Thomas that fit so perfectly into our lives. There are far to many people to tag in this post but you know who you are xx Old friends that have stud by me this year and new friends that have spent time getting to know me I can't thank you enough, also my poor sister Jules that has coped incredibly well with my insane life since day one in February... I LOVE YOU ALL xx - HH

I've been thinking back over our chat this morning and how I feel that my relationship with God has changed and developed and got stronger and I thought you'd love to hear the three things that I feel I have really learnt that I definitely didn't realise before I went to uni.

1. That I'm never alone because even when I feel alone God is there and when you join a church you are never alone because you gain a church family who all have your best interests at heart

2. That God loves me unconditionally and that it doesn't matter what I do or what happens in my life God will always love me and forgive me and want what's best for me

3. Everything that happens can be used for good and it doesn't matter how bad things get because as long as I keep pressing into God it will all be alright in the end. JF